Chapter Eternal - Senator Richard Lugar

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Alpha Eta Remembers one of its most distinguished brothers

Senator Richard Lugar was a true American Patriot. Serving the state of Indiana in the United States Senate for 36 years, Lugar made his mark on policies foreign and domestic, bringing about a more peaceful world. His spectacular career and erudite style was catalyzed by his education at Denison University where he was a member of the Alpha Eta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. The future Senator obtained a Rhodes scholarship that took him to Oxford University’s Pembroke College. After obtaining two bachelor’s degrees and a masters, he was a lieutenant in the Navy. His first major run for office saw him elected as Mayor of his hometown of Indianapolis in 1967, beginning a career in service of the public that would span generations.

From his position at the helm of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Lugar worked to bring an end to apartheid in South Africa and championed weapons nonproliferation policy. Throughout his career in the Senate, Lugar was known as a patron of bipartisan cooperation, co-sponsoring the famous Nunn-Lugar Act with Georgia Democrat Sam Nunn. In presenting him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013, President Barack Obama declared the policy’s success intertwined with Senator Lugar’s stating, “His legacy . . . is the thousands of missiles and bombers and submarines and warheads that no longer threaten us because of his extraordinary work.” Lugar had a natural, soft-spoken manner that exuded kindness and calm, regardless of the setting.

President Barack Obama presents Senator Lugar with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Denison community will forever admire his leadership and never forget his dedication to the throughout his life. The men of the Alpha Eta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi will remember his steadfast friendship and genuine interest in our lives despite his monumental career. Richard G. Lugar was a true man of principle who embodied the values of cultivation of intellect, responsible conduct, mutual aid and assistance, integrity, and trust with grace and honor.

May he rest in peace, of ever honored memory.




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