Annual Fund Update- We're Comind Down The Home Stretch!

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The Greek system as a whole faces new beginnings, as sweeping changes have taken place at various universities, aimed at making the Greek system safer, so that its members can fully enjoy its benefits. However, this revamped Greek system may look unfamiliar to you, not what you remember from your own college days. You may worry that Greek life as you knew it, along with your cherished traditions, is gone. But there’s good news. Across the board, enrollment in Greek Letter organizations is at an all-time high and its active members continue to raise money for philanthropic causes such as childhood cancer, Autism Speaks, and Military Heroes, just to name a few.

We know you'll be busy - be on the lookout for a letter from us! If you've made a gift to Alpha Eta in the past, but not yet this year, you'll be receiving this letter, and we hope you'll consider adding your name once again to the Honor Roll.