We're Missing You!

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It is thanks to the Alumni, that our communications program continues to serve to inform Alpha Eta Alumni of all the great things happening with our Chapter - but we're missing some of you! The following Brothers gave to our annual fund last year, but not yet this year. If you'd like to make a contribution, click HERE

Senour   Hunt 1946
Howard G. Shaw 1948
George M. Roudebush 1949
George M. Dallas 1953
Charles T. Fischer 1957
Gary V. Gieringer 1957
Barry S. Porter 1959
Robert R. Wiley 1960
Charles E. Glasser 1961
Thomas C. Thuma 1961
Brent C Osborn 1962
Penn B. Cobb 1963
Frederick M. Mann 1964
Terry L. Ripich 1966
Kenneth C. Booth 1967
Walter F. Burke 1971
Thomas E. Hoaglin 1971
Richard M. Haines 1972
D. Jeffrey Ireland 1976
Richard J. Kraetz 1977
Jeffrey M. Sultzer 1978
Mark V. Hertenstein 1979
Bruce L. Smith 1981
James P. Banks 1984
David C. Munn 1984
Rodman J. Zilenziger 1984
Cal   O'Callaghan 1985
Ernest L. Sims 1985
David R. Breschi 1986