A Class Gift - 25 Years Later

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by Peter Johnson '65

Granville, spring 1965

At the senior class banquet, just prior to graduation, it was customary for the senior class president to present a gift to Denison. I, being that humble person, passed an envelope to A. Blair Knapp, President of the College. But the envelope was empty. How could that be?!?

At a particularly good class party at Degler’s barn, some enthusiastic classmates spilled a large quantity of beer. The floor planks sprang out of level by the next day and the senior class treasurer had to play the bill. With no stimulus plan available to us, the treasury and thus the envelope – empty.

Granville, spring 1990

On his way to our 25th reunion, John Schneckloth (no deceased) stopped at a roadside art sale and secured a large velvet portrait of Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) for under $10. At the reunion, we realized this was our one chance to make good on our obligation to Denison. We presented this fine work of art to Tom Martin of the Alumni Office at our class dinner.

It was the first velvet painting in Denison’s collection. It’s not apparent to me that Denison has acquired any more oil-on-velvet works of art. This painting and our class are one of a kind. Here’s another chance to put something in that empty envelope from 1965. Let’s come together as a class by coming to reunion and making a contribution!