“Greek Life Provides a human interaction that is irreplaceable”

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Read on to find out how Beta Denison contributed to Jacob Henkle ‘09’s personal growth.

Bill Horn ’10, was a Brother who always made sure that I was doing well, especially after being diagnosed with depression and bi-polar disorder. He truly understood the meaning of –kai—and I will never forget his kindness. With the advent of social media, texting, etc, it is more important than ever to experience interpersonal relationships and in-person conflict management. Greek life provides a human interaction that is irreplaceable. Beta has provided me with an increased sense of integrity and responsibility for all of my actions. I attempt to live as a Man of Principle, provide mutual aid and assistance to others, and cultivate young people. I became a Registered Nurse in 2013 after ending my pursuit of a law degree. My first and only child, Jackson, is almost two years old. I moved to Dublin, OH about two years ago.”