Dr. R. Kent Galey ’68- “It Always Was, And Still Is, Beta”

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“I don't think I choose Beta as much as Beta chose me. I was a football and lax player and came to school early for football camp. There really was no other choice for me ...it was always, and still is, Beta.

My favorite moment happened just last summer when about 20-plus Betas and lax players gathered and stayed at the Beta house for a weekend- it was really a great fraternity moment. We have remained in touch by email almost every month or two for the last decade plus. The contact list is at least 40-50 people long....not all betas.

I was social chairman of the house and also of the university my senior, and perhaps junior year..

I went on to Pitt School of Dental Medicine, where I was class president for four years. I finished dental school about one year early and went on to a residency in Oral and Maxillfacial Surgery, finishing in 1976. I have mentored about 18 or so young applicants to acceptance in a dental school, mainly Pitt.

I served as an examiner for the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, as a senior examiner, and ultimately was twice nominated to be President of that organization- a high honor.

I have also been president of numerous medical organization, hospital staffs, etc.

I believe that Beta prepared me for these leadership and surgical roles by instilling in me a high sense of duty, responsibility, honor and commitment.  Being a Beta at Denison was, and still is, a huge honor for me.

Think diplomatically and be considerate of other perspectives. A great education only pays off with Hard Work. Don't be afraid of the ball (lax) as it is what wins the game. I also used to give my residents a memento- a paperweight of a sled dog team. If you are not the lead dog the view is always the same.”