Ed Weber '53

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"Beta was my first choice, because I liked the friendliness of some of the sophomores, as well as the older men. My dad was a very strong Alpha Eta and that was another consideration.  I gave another fraternity a good look because my future brother-in-law, a senior at Denison, gave me a good rush.

I had lots of good moments. As a pledge there was one thing that made me feel good and like I could fit in. There were a few guys who loved to sing barbershop every Sunday while we were waiting for dinner. They needed a high tenor and got me into it. Jack Ahlers, Joe Neath, Bruce MacNabb, and Lowell Johnson. A lot of fun. I love the way our class has stuck together. There are more of us at Denison reunions than any others.

I was song leader for a while and chapter president. I later became a lawyer, and Beta was a help in terms of the personal development that the chapter experience provided-and that was a lot.

I donate modestly  because I want to help perpetuate as much of my experience at Alpha Eta as I can.  I know times have changed.  Mainly that the brothers don't live in the house, but we save what we can. You get out of Beta Theta Pi what you put into it. Don't belittle the traditions. I hope the songs are still being sung. Keep in touch with each other after graduation and come to the reunions."