We're All Going To The Beta House For Dinner, Come With Us

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J. Richard Briggs '55 began his Alpha Eta journey with football, followed by dinner. Through leadership opportunities, personal growth, maturity, and a greater understanding of the human condition, he would go on to begin a medical career as a solo practitioner, and finish with 26 partners. Read on for more on how Beta impacted his life.

"Football practice started two weeks before school opened and I was invited to join the team my freshman year.  By the time school convened, I had a good many friends on the squad.  After practice, the evening fraternity rush started, the “team” said; “We’re all going to the Beta House for dinner tonight, so come with us.”  It just seemed the most natural thing in the world and I felt immediately comfortable.  I accepted the Beta pledge pin graciously and the rest is history.  Perhaps a tour of the other fraternity houses would have been beneficial at the time, but after four years review, I had made the right choice early on.

I was most impressed with the initiation ceremony in the chapter hall.  After the pledge period and “hell week”  the contrast between the two was impressive and reassuring, in that it  revealed the fraternity had principles and ideals that were lofty, long established and well worth the effort.

I had the most fun as Rush Chairman, but my year as chapter president was by far the most valuable in regard to the challenges of leadership.  Like all fraternity houses, we had a diverse group of individuals with strong personalities that seemed to lend itself to never ending conflicts of behavior.  Although I was not pleased with how that year unfolded, that fraternity “marched on” and now I look back on that year as one of giving me personal growth, maturity and a greater understanding of the human condition.

My career was in Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, with a practice in Columbus, Ohio.  Although my Beta experience didn’t seem so open the door to opportunities, the leadership experiences generated by the Beta Chapter enhanced my abilities to understand personalities and to capitalize the strengths of others for a common good.  As an example; I started as a solo practitioner, and finished my career with twenty six partners.  

I want the Beta Experience to thrive and continue to be a positive force in the lives of fine young college men.  Also, it pleases me to see my fraternity brothers (especially around my years) step up and support the cause as well.  

There is something well worth learning by living and relating with a group of fraternity brothers.  Find out how to get the most out of that experience and it will serve you well the rest of your life.

Yours in - kai -, Dick Briggs, AH 770