Brother Barry Porter '59 tells his story

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Why did you join Beta Theta Pi?

BP: When I walked through the doors of the Beta House, I knew I had found my home at Denison.  

What are your favorite memories of Beta Theta Pi?

BP: I have many great memories, but I think the fellowship and brotherhood created through living with a group of close friends is what I remember most.

What makes you proud to be a Beta?

BP: I am proud to be a Beta because of the leadership role that Beta has taken in introducing and perpetuating the “Men of Principle.”

Is there a reason why you’ve wanted to give back so generously over the years?

BP: Repaying, in a small way, what Beta has given to me.

Do you still keep in touch with any brothers?

BP: I am in touch with a number of my Beta Brothers. There is an active group of Beta Brothers from the 50s and 60s that stay in touch.

How did Beta Theta Pi change your life?

BP: This is tough to answer because there are so many ways I have benefited from being a Beta. My career was aided by the lessons learned through living, working and learning with and from my Brothers.  It has opened doors in the business world and introduced many friendships in my personal life.

What words of wisdom do you have for today’s active brothers?

BP: Take advantage of this opportunity to grow mentally, socially and corporately with a group of young men who will be there for you the rest of your life. 

What are you up to lately?

BP: I remain in local politics as mayor of a community of 8,000 residents and continue to be active in some nonprofit organizations in the Cincinnati area.