“Would My Life Be Different Today Without Beta? You Bet it Would”

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 Brotherhood means something different to everyone, but for some, it means everything. David B. Jones ’57 told us just how much Beta Theta Pi means to him and how much of an impact it’s had on his life.

“When I arrived at Denison, I had just lost my mother to cancer. I joined Beta, which soon became my new ‘home.’ My biological brother was serving our country in Korea, and with no one else at home, I had a whole band of new brothers upon whom I could count on. They never, ever let me down.

My pledge class still gets together each year, inviting the sweethearts of those brothers in ‘Wooglin!’ We are still there for one another after all these years.

Would my life be different today without Beta? You bet it would—clearly not as good!” he said.

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