How Would Your Life Be Different If You Hadn’t Joined Beta Theta Pi?

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We recently asked each of you to share how you think your life might have been different if you hadn’t joined Beta Theta Pi. John Adams ’56 said that, when he was living in the Beta house, he was surrounded by a diverse group of guys who helped set him on the right course in life.

“Association with a diverse group of guys with varied backgrounds and interests in the Beta house, as well as with a couple of extremely academically oriented brothers, certainly aided in setting me on a better life course. The close living situation with shared burdens of maintaining the house required the best of all of us, challenges notwithstanding. It was a significant growth and learning experience for me, and from what others have said, for each of us.”

How did Beta Theta Pi change your life? Share your response with us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..