70% of Us Have Never Stepped Up to the Plate

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Eight months into our 2015-2016 giving year, which began on July 1, 2015, we’ve raised $1,205 from 14 donors toward our goal of $15,000 from 120 donors. As the graph shows, we are capable of so much more than that! Did you know that 70% of all alumni members have never made a contribution?

The holidays are over and tax returns are on their way, so now is the perfect time to make your contribution to Alpha Eta Chapter!

We would like to thank our top five all time donors, George Brown Jr. ’60, Tim Roudebush ’52, W.G. Pete Alpaugh Jr. ’44, Kenneth Rohl ’57 and Barry Porter ’59 for their generous donations over the years, as well as the 14 men who contributed so far this giving year:

Wooglin Club ($250-$499.99)
John McConnell 1968

Alpha Eta Associates ($100-$249.99)
L. Sam Robinson 1950
Thomas Creager 1953
Charles Ashbrook 1954
Edward Deeds 1955
John Adams 1956
G. Paull 1973
Scott Tyler 1986

Annual Dues ($35-$99.99)
Senour Hunt 1946
Richard Lugar 1954
John Malloy 1960
William Malloy 1963
Charles McConnell 1963
Robert Volodkevich 1978