What Have Your Brothers Been Up To?

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We recently asked each of you to share what you’ve been up to recently and we had the pleasure of hearing from Brothers Ernie SimsBruce L. Smith and Dave BrownYou can submit your own update here.

“The following Beta Brothers spent five days in Ireland playing golf in Sept 2015: (Class of 1985) Ernie Sims, Bob Zullinger, Cal O’Callaghan, Chris Wilson, Andy Boles, John Wight and Jeff McCarty.

-Ernie Sims


“Last weekend was an Alpha Eta reunion of sorts at the wedding (second) of JJ Johnnie ‘Mutch’ Mutscheller in Bethany Beach, Delaware. The festivities began Friday night at The Boathouse and carried on through ‘til Sunday with lots of celebration. The new Mrs. Mutch was serenaded with the Sweetheart song lead by Brother Pany. Many AE brothers participated, including Henry ‘hojo’ Jenkins ’80, Panyes J. Dikeou, Opie Smith ’81, the bros from ’82; Tommy ‘Dox’ Maddux, Donny Obrecht, Craig ‘Lulu’ Lewis, Dougie Cahn and, J. Ketchum Secor  ’83

-in kai-
Corresponding Secretary,
Bruce L. Smith


"Since the 50th Reunion two years ago, I became Chairman of the Board for the Museum of the Marine. Since then, I have been fully engaged in raising $20,000,000 to build a world-class museum on Camp Lejeune, NC. We broke ground last summer for Phase I to convert four acres of woods into a park, where the Phase II building will be built. In the past six months, we have received nearly $800,000 (Given not much had been raised for the previous six years, we are well under way to meeting our goal.)

My book writing avocation had been put on hold until next spring when I will get out from under the “Interim Executive Director’s” hat that I also wear for the Museum. Then I will be completing “Bandit’s Below”, Part 1 of a two-part novel about the Marines in Nicaragua chasing Sandino in the 1926-1928 era.

Before I briefly answer your Beta Theta Pi-related alumni questions, I will say that the AE brothers with whom I matriculated at Denison were and are special men. The bonds we established over a half century ago still exist and are highly cherished.

I moved on from the college phase in my life and have found myself fully immersed in the Marine Corps activities—not for myself—but for the Marines who fought in WW II and Korea; the veterans of Vietnam, in particular men I commanded in there in 1968; younger vets; and those young men women on active-duty today. All of that does not leave much room on my plate for other causes.

I do want to thank all my Denison brothers who do keep the AE flame alive.
Dave Brown '61"