It’s All Work and No Play for These Betas This Summer

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Summer for undergrads usually means kicking back and relaxing, vacationing and just having a good time. But, for these Betas, it’s a chance to work hard and gain valuable experience.

Tarakshya Merhish: Interning with a law firm in Cleveland - Thompson Hine. Has three Denison Alums.

Andrew Hesch: Credit Admin Intern at Huntington National Bank.

Alex Rice: Cancer research at Fox Chase in Philadelphia

Jake Dachman: Work on his transfer to Johns Hopkins: moving there with his new lease on a house with five Betas from the Alpha Chi chapter, taking biostatistics and doing research on ALS and drug delivery systems starting June 29th

Roger Phelps: Currently interning out in LA with Elias Arts doing music supervision, licensing, and publishing

Marc Weaver: Getting his Red Cross certification and lifeguarding at the community YMCA

Gabe Mitchell: Managing/lifeguarding at an aquatics facility at a state park, shadowing in a surgical ward, and taking the MCAT

Jake Dennie: Interning with the Development Opportunities department of the American Red Cross at their HQ in DC

Li Chien: Interning at Big Yellow Duck studio in NYC, an audio post-production studio that does the sound for cartoons and animations from Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.

Ryan Erickson: camp counselor at the YMCA camp

Rex Cao: Marketing intern for The Kineo Group based in Chicago

Benson Anderson: playing as a pit orchestra musician for various musical theatre productions

Max Ungar: conducting biology research at Georgetown University on the giardia infection


The following Betas are interning on campus this summer:


Steven Hix: Interning in Columbus with a United States Senate campaign

Mac Sellars: Studying the religious philosophy of philosopher Slavoj Zizek with religion professor David O. Woodyard

Jon Sullivan: Interning with Infor inc, an enterprise software company in Columbus

Oliver Deak: Playing as a freelance musician and music director for musical theatre productions in Columbus.

Landon Slangerup: working at the Homestead, where he also lives full time when school is in session

Bobby Craig: working for Campus Services

Oliver Gladfelter: working for Denison Admissions

Patrick Dunn: conducting biology research

Mitch Keller: conducting biology research