Class of '65: Tale of the Empty Envelope

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Peter Johnson '65: Well....yes, it is true.

Denison University President Adam Weinberg: What's the story?

Johnson: We had the traditional senior farewell party just before graduation at Degler's party barn. A LOT of beer was spilled on their newly installed hardwood floor. It warped rather dramatically. We got a bill the next day for $3000 in damages, which wiped out our treasury. We did give President Knapp the empty envelope with the promise that we'd make up for it later.

Weinberg: Was the painting you presented at your 25th reunion your way to make up for it?

John Fitzpatrick (Phi Gamma Delta): Well, sort of. Our classmate, John Schneckloth had arrived at the reunion with a velvet painting of Sylvester Stallone in full Rambo regalia. It was the backdrop for the bar he'd set up in the back of his van. Several of us thought it would be a humorous item to present as the lead gift for the College's Velvet Painting collection. We were just kidding!

Weinberg: This is actually worse than I'd imagined. What's next?

Johnson: We finally realized that it was time to close the boy's club, so we turned our 50th gift over to two exceptional professional women who know how to get results. I'd like to introduce the co-chairs of our fundraising committee: Ann Gushman DiSarro and Leilani Lattin Duke. 

Weinberg: Am I glad to see you! I hope you have good news.

Duke: I have an envelope, but it's not empty. It's a breakdown of the major giving categories for our 50th reunion gift. We're proud that our class has finally fulfilled the promise we made in 1965. 

DiSarro: From the Senior Party bartenders: $3000! From payment of outstanding library fines and parking tickets: $1,965! From the Wingless Angels for general reparations: $100,000! From one extraordinary alum: $5,000,000!!!!


**The Class of 1965 raised a total of $7 million, which set a new record for the 50th reunion gift. Congrats!