Denison Brothers Help Showcase Different Cultures

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Brother Li ChienFor the second year in a row, the “Taste of Culture” event has brought hundreds of Denisonians together for a day of music, food and fun, thanks to Brother Li Chien and Brother Zhihao Cao, who originally organized the event as an effort for the Global China Connection organization.

After 1 photo campaign/exhibition, 2 Flash Mobs, 5 committees, 7 committed student leaders,14 campus organisations, 27 planning committee members, over 50 student volunteers, engaged participation from Denison faculties and administrations, across the span of 2 months of planning, and after many meetings, hundreds of emails, and countless posters -- TasteofCulture in its second year has achieved a monumental milestone!!! 

The event gathered over 300 students, school faculties, and Granville residents across diverse cultural backgrounds in one place; fostered personal relationships during the planning stage through committing to team work; and inaugurated a new campus tradition and collaborative spirit while enhancing the awareness, acknowledgement, and celebration of Denison diversity.

The event included lots of traditional international food and attire, as well as a performance of a rap written by Brother Li Chien (pictured).

Great work, brothers!