The Most Informal of Gatherings Lead to the Best of Memories

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For Dale Wolfe '54, living in the house allowed him to build great relationships with his Beta brothers. Thank you to Dale for participating in this Q&A.

What do you see as the biggest difference in fraternity life and membership compared to when you graduated?
The biggest difference is living in the fraternity house. Living there offered many informal and unplanned opportunities for the brothers to be with each other and discus the happenings or non-happenings of the day or week, or athletic games, academic situations and on and on. Living together also provided opportunities for leadership development. The brothers did not hesitate to complain if they felt nothing was being done to correct problems that could be corrected. They also praised a job well done.

Another big difference was the use of the black ball in voting on potential new members. Many terrific students were turned down by the Betas because of this rule. I assume the membership is more diversified now

Any advice for the volunteers who are running the alumni relations program?
I recently attended my 60th class reunion and was disappointed that there was no reception or get together of the Betas that were back for their reunions. I went to the Beta house but no volunteers were there so I looked around as best I could. It would be nice to have a happy hours or get together of some kind to alumni attending special occasions.

What are some of the best memories from your fraternity days?
I played football when Keith Piper joined Denison when I was a sophomore. He was the line coach. It the pregame dinners he would often say that the menu was: "Linemen - raw beef steaks. Backs - chicken salad."

Some of my best memories include brothers gathering in the kitchen in the late evenings (usually after the women had to be in the dorms). There was plenty of bread with peanut butter and jelly. And much discussion about how their dates had been, University politics, athletics, or whatever.

What is your advice for the current undergraduates?
Enjoy the memories of things in your past. Be open to new things that are happening. Be thankful for your families and friends.

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