Alumni Spotlight: David Block ’64

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Thank you to David Block ’64 for participating in our Q&A.

Why did you pick Beta over other fraternities on campus?

I related to the leadership of Beta, and loved their core values, and appreciated their excellence in whatever they did. I was also a jock and felt comfortable being around other jocks.

Which one or two individuals from your undergrad days would you’d like to reconnect with? Why?

Bill McGuire ’64: his compassion for people and his humor. Fred Mann ’64: his wisdom.

In what way did your time as an undergraduate help you to lead a more “principled” life?

I came from 12 years in a military school, 1952-1960, and I was always told what to do, when to do it, a very structured lifestyle. Denison was my first experience of freedom, thinking for myself, and experiencing life in a non-military environment. I was blessed to have many role models around me and I was very teachable. My greatest gift is living out these two scriptures: 1 CO:8:2 and Mt. 18:3 as I continue my journey to fulfill my destiny/ calling.

What is your best memory of being a young fraternity guy on the DU campus?

I only lived one year (sophomore) at the Beta house, the other years I was in the freshman dorms as an RA and head resident. But that one year, 1962, was awesome and I enjoyed the brothers.

Finally, tell us what you’ve been up to now.

Ever since I have retired from the Air Force (1965), I have been on a spiritual journey to know Abba Father’s love; I’m not into organized religion but I am into a super close, intimate relationship with my Creator. That is my passion along with understanding my calling/purpose.