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Dexter C. Tight, Class of 48

Tell us about a brother who was a role model to you at Alpha Eta.
My father, Dexter J. Tight, who graduated in 1912.

In what way is the fraternity experience still a relevant one for today's young adult?
I think the most relevant thing is fellowship, especially this day in age.

How did Beta make you into the man you are today?
When I was a pledge with classmates I was the only straight A student at Denison primarily because I only seldom dated girls except on the weekends.

What is your favorite Beta tradition?
Hell week.:)

Share an update on your career and family.
I graduated from Yale Law School in 1951 but because of the war I was given a degree before my classmates with no need to take the BAR exam. I started practicing law before my classmates who had to take the exam.