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Ed Weber '53

(6140 N. Chanticleer Dr., Maumee, OH 43537; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) I've been mentoring center city first graders in reading for the past two years. It only takes an hour or two each week, spending 20 minutes with each of my three assigned kids. It's been fun, and they're doing very well.


Ben Callaway, Class of 1950

My time with Beta at Denison was great, but all too short. I entered at mid-year (cold, soggy day at the Newark train station) but life brightened almost immediately. I can thank my dad, an Oregon Beta '23 for my legacy acceptance into Wooglin's mighty band.

In those early days I seemed to always be in a hurry (accelerated high school to join the Navy when 17, and accelerated college to take a job held for me at the Denver Post, where I had interned the previous summer. I missed my senior season of varsity tennis and a last few months as Denisonian editor. In all modesty, I was in a class by myself. Two of us pledged that mid-year and the other fellow dropped out.

A long-lasting friendship with Gene Horyn '49 and good times with great other guys like George "Speed" Herbert, TK Davis, Sam Robinson, and many others made for the best of times. Several brothers during summers and years that followed visited me in New York, Denver, and South Jersey. I've never missed a reunion (last one 60th in 2010). Earlier, I especially enjoyed those which packaged three classes together.

I'm sorry I never really got to know my Big Brother Ted Tight '48 since we were at Denison only one semester together. I believe our years were special, many returning vets in the mix.

Also, a major "plus" for me was having all the bunks upstairs so you could sleep while others studied or whatever below. Other schools should do that. Still in touch with Bill Johnson '48, Davis, Robinson, and Don Watkins '49. But, alas, our ranks are thinning and I believe the peak era for fraternity attraction is past tense.


Ternavan, Joseph, Class of 1957

I’m proud to be a Beta and Denisonian. My best memory of Beta was attending the conference in Dallas, when Alpha Eta was rechartered on the Denison campus. I have attended more than nine reunions with members of the classes of ’57, ’58, ’59, ’60, ’56, ’54 and sweethearts. It is great to visit virtually every section of the country, and have brothers share their homes and communities. I am planning a Dinner at the Beta House prior to the 55th reunion of the class of '57, and as always, will invite any current activities and pledges on campus to join us, as guests. The day is Thursday, May 31, and the time is yet to be scheduled.


Mason, James "Stoney", Class of 1951

My wife and I came from small towns in northern Ohio, she from Rittman and me from Wadsworth. We’ve been married 62 years and have four children. Two sons are Alpha Eta Betas, one is an Ohio U Beta and we have one Ohio U Beta grandson. When I first visited the Beta house I felt like that is where I want to be during my four years at Denison. It reminded me of where I came from. I have never regretted my decision to pledge Alpha Eta!


Briggs, J. Richard "Dick", Class of 1955

I have a scrap book of the Beta House activities of 1952. Would you be interested in having that in your archives? If so, to whom should I send or deliver the album? J. Richard Briggs, MD AH 770. DU 1955.