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Kirk, Richard, Class of 1979

Rick Kirk, Denison class of 1979, AH 1235. Geez, I haven’t had to recall my bond number for several decades and I’m not entirely sure that 1235 is correct. I did graduate in 1979. That part of my brain is still functioning. I have 5 children (Alexis, 25; William, 23; Cameron, 18; Victoria, 2; Charlie, 1) and three dogs. I live in Upper Arlington, Ohio. I work in downtown Columbus in real estate development. I have the occasion to see Alpha Eta brothers, Steve Ackley, Ben Ackley, Scott Williams, John Cadwallader, David Reese, Stan Ackley, Jim Kirk. Life is good.

Johnson, Bryan, Class of 1979

Bryan Johnson has been practicing estate planning and probate law for 23+ years. He recently moved his law office to 5003 Horizons Dr., Ste. 200, Columbus, OH 43220.