Open Mouth, Insert Foot - A Lesson in What NOT to Say

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When a gentleman gets a promotion, and a co-worker does not…

He does not say:

“I told you you should have chipped in on the boss’s Christmas present.”
“Guess the cream always rises to the top.”
“Bet you wish you hadn’t bought that new BMW.”
“I could use some coffee. How about making a pot?”

But he does say:

“Joe, I’m looking forward to our continuing to work together. Let’s grab some lunch.”

If a gentleman and his friend have both been considered for the same promotion, it is foolish to pretend that once one of them has moved up the ladder, business can simply proceed as usual. A gentleman may choose to say nothing about his good fortune, but he must continue to be cordial to his friend and associate. If the friend appears unduly glum…the gentleman may simply and privately ask the tough question, “Joe, is there a problem between us because of my new job?”

Excerpt from As a Gentleman Would Say: Responses to Life’s Important (and Sometimes Awkward) Situations by John Bridges and Bryan Curtis (2001, Thomas Nelson, Inc.)